Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Menzies Aviation continues to expand its footprint at YYZ and grow its aviation business in Canada.

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Late last year, Menzies was eager to bid on and hopefully win contracts such as KLM and Air France. As a different skillset and heavier machinery is typically required to service the wide-body aircraft that these and other airlines operate, I became engaged in discussions with Menzies to add additional pay for Lav & Water drivers as well as introducing a premium for a dedicated team of IAM members who would service wide-body aircraft.

The parties agreed that it would be in every employees’ best interests to have a successful start-up of the KLM and Air France contracts as this would lead to more jobs with better pay, more career opportunities with better job security, and could also entice other wide-body airlines to choose Menzies as its service provider.

Last week the Company informed your Union that they were indeed successful in winning the KLM and Air France contracts at YYZ. The parties continued dialogue on certain wage enhancements and have agreed to implement the following improvements to your collective agreement, commencing Sept 9, 2020:
Wide Body Premium:
    -The Company will canvas in accordance with Article 14 of the collective agreement approximately 40 employees to act as a dedicated wide body team to primarily service wide body aircraft.
   – An additional one dollar per hour ($1.00/hr.) will be paid to all wide body team members performing work as Ramp Agents and Ramp Agent Leads or employees acting in that capacity.
Lavs & Water Truck Premium:
   -The Company will pay an additional seventy-five cents per hour ($0.75/hr.) to all employees employed as Lavatory Agents and to employees who operate water trucks or employees acting in such capacity.

It was only a handful of years ago that Menzies re-entered the YYZ market with only 1 customer being WestJet. Over the last year or so, Menzies has picked up 4 additional airline customers being Sunwing, Interjet, KLM and Air France.
The Union and its level of representation must keep pace with the expanding growth of the Company. It pleases me greatly to also announce that effective immediately, Menzies has agreed to improve union representation as follows:
Chief Steward:
  -Whereas the Company and the Union agree that there are sufficient demands placed on the Chief Steward, to be available to both the members and to management to efficiently address issues within the workplace.
  -Therefore, the Union and the Company agree that the Chief Steward shall be provided with dedicated space within the workplace that is easily accessible to the membership.
  -The Chief Steward will serve in a full-time capacity on a shift mutually agreed to, as per Art. 8.07 (a) however, due to operational requirements, there may be times the Chief Steward may be called upon to preform functions within their classification.
  -The Chief Steward will be paid a shift premium of one dollar and twenty-five cents per hour ($1.25/hr.)

The future at Menzies YYZ looks bright. I am optimistic that Menzies will continue to expand and grow its business and be the provider and leader of decent paying jobs at Pearson Airport and beyond.

I would like to thank Nathaniel Glover (SVP Canada Operations – Menzies Aviation (Canada) Ltd.), Dan Janssen (General Chairperson – IAM District 140) and Amanda Mohabir (IAM Chief Steward – Menzies Aviation) for their hard work and dedication in working with me to put this all together.
Get Unionized! Stay Unionized!
In solidarity,
Michael Corrado

Updated: 6 August, 2020 — 09:01
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