Chartered Members

On March 10, 1970 a charter was granted by the Grand Lodge of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers to form Local Lodge 2413.

The original 55 members developed the fledgling Local Lodge into a force which now represents aviation workers, transportation workers and workers in the manufacturing sector, building a cohesive force which has gained a reputation as a fighting force for decent working conditions and equitable pay for its members.

In 2016 we embarked on our (46th) year with a renewed pledge to work toward improving working conditions, pay and job security of our members.


F. Amis

T. Barley

K. Bates

D. Birch

R. Bondy

J. Braithwaite

W. Carter

R. Cartwright

J. Clark

G. Cloutier

A. Crawford

M. Dean

T. Dorey

R. Dunn

M. Elen

R. Elmes

                   F. Hand

R. Hardman

S. Harris

R. Heaslip

K. Jasperson

L. Kameka

W. Leavoy

L. Malkin

J. McQuhae

P. Mooten

L. Morrow

S. Mortimer

J. Owwendyk

W. Panes

R. Panniers

L. Pardy

F. Piper

E. Rees

J. Ryan

J. Shinner

D. Smith

R. Sooley

G. Spindler

H. Timp

A. Trach

R. Van Dyke

G. Van Maren


D. White

H. Williams

D. Prentice

M. Anderson

B. Jankowski

W. Chalewa

A. Bradbury

W. Barsby

D. Briggs

W. Wallace

J. Oram

Original Charter for Local Lodge 2413

Original Charter for Local Lodge 2413


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