Attention Members at Menzies YYZ

Please be advised that effective Monday August 16th, Union Steward Brother Phil Honsberger will be taking over as the interim Chief Union Steward at Menzies Aviation YYZ, replacing Paul Driver. 

Paul Driver will be stepping down from the position to pursue other career opportunities and I wish him well. In such instances, the Union will appoint someone temporarily to fill the position until an election can be held. 

Over the past week your current workplace stewards have been meeting with me and IAM Transportation District 140 to discuss and act upon the immediate next steps that are required to find a replacement. 

The current workplace stewards were all given the opportunity to put their names forward if they wanted to temporarily fill the Chief Steward position until such time as IAM Local 2413 can conduct their complete nomination and election process which may take a month or more. 

Following this, 2 separate Stewards meetings were held where the Stewards discussed which one of them they felt comfortable with filling the position on an interim basis. At both meetings, it was agreed that Brother Phil Honsberger would be assigned to act as the interim Chief Union Steward. 

The Chief Stewards email address and phone number will remain the same and will be in Phil’s possession commencing Monday August 16, 2021. The Union will be discussing his hours of work and schedule with the Company to ensure that he has access to IAM Members and management while at work. 

I look forward to working with Phil and whomever else may be declared elected once Local 2413 finalizes its election process. 

In solidarity, 

Michael Corrado 

General Chairperson

Updated: 11 August, 2021 — 12:54
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