The Membership at Menzies Aviation – YYZ

Today, Menzies advised your Union that they will be laying off many of the IAM Members that were recently recalled in late March.
I was informed that the Company will immediately be notifying approximately 200 IAM members that they will be laid off after a 24-hour period, or basically by the end of the day tomorrow (Friday, April 16th).
Additionally, Menzies indicated a few dozen more employees will be laid off in early May, once their current training classes are completed.

Of the close to 300 people who were recently recalled, only about 58 of them will continue working and avoid an additional lay-off. Following this announcement, I held a conference call with the IAM District Lodge 140 President and Directing General Chairperson (Fred Hospes) and our legal counsel.

The IAM will immediately challenge your employer’s decision as we believe this may have been done to avoid paying severance, it will impose further devastating hardships to our members, is a violation of your legislated rights, and does not conform to the Collective Agreement.

The IAM and I will continue to advocate and fight for you to ensure your rights are protected and your legislated rights are not contravened.

In solidarity,

Michael Corrado
General Chairperson/Organizer
Transportation District 140

Updated: 21 July, 2021 — 10:00
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