Local Lodge Union Dues / Un-Employment Stamps

To all Canadian Local Lodges, 

Sisters and Brothers: Over the course of this year, a great many IAM members have suffered a furlough or layoff as a result of the pandemic.

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We are aware that a great many remain in this situation. The IAM Constitution, in Article G, provides for members who are unemployed for the major portion of any month (the major portion of any month shall depend on the major portion of the regular working days in any month) and who suffer a total or proportionate loss of earnings, due to separation from employment, layoff, or furlough, or sickness or disability, to maintain their good standing by paying a minimum charge of $2.00 per month, $1.00 of which is remitted to Grand Lodge.

For the period from April 1, 2020 to September 30, 2020, Grand Lodge waived the requirement for members to pay unemployment dues. However, for any period of time thereafter (commencing October 1, 2020) it is the member’s own responsibility to pay their unemployment dues.

For most Canadian Locals, this is either $2.00 or $5.00 per month, as outlined in Local Lodge bylaws. Members who wish to maintain their good standing IAM membership should arrange to make payment by contacting the Secretary-Treasurer of their Local Lodge, and making payment for the months they are unemployed. Failure to do so for two (2) consecutive months will result in them lapsing and losing their status as a member in good standing.

As a matter of convenience, many members will make payment to cover a longer period of time, such as six (6) or twelve (12) months. Please note: members must be in good standing in order to participate in Local Lodge affairs, including meetings and voting privileges.

Yours in Solidarity,

Stan Pickthall General Vice President

Updated: 21 January, 2021 — 09:28
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