The Membership at Menzies Aviation YYZ Update / Arbitration

To: The IAM Membership at Menzies Aviation
Subject: Collective Bargaining/Contract Negotiations
Date: June 3, 2019
Please be advised that the Parties spent the entire day in arbitration on Friday, May 31st and have completed the mediated arbitration process.

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All the remaining outstanding issues were brought to the Arbitrator for his ultimate determination.
The Parties ended the day by providing the Arbitrator with their legal briefs and legal arguments.
The Arbitrator will take the next short period in considering the Parties positions and will write up and render his decision.
This may take a week or more as he has much to contemplate and consider.
Although the award is pending, we anticipate it will include the equal pay/equal treatment principles that your Union has aggressively been pushing the Federal Government to introduce as per the pending Canada Labour Code Modernization and Bills C-86, C-63 & C-44.
This would be a great victory in the continued Fight for $15 and Fairness! We will keep you posted, as soon as the results of the award are released.
Lastly, I will be meeting with the Company this week to review the seniority lists and further discuss solutions to minimize lay-offs in the PAX department. I will begin arranging training and will be requesting a Labour Relations meeting with representation from the various departments.
In solidarity,

Michael Corrado
General Chairperson
Central Region


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