To The Membership of Local Lodge 2413 – Local Lodge Executive Board Elections

Notification of Nominations of Executive Board Positions for Local Lodge 2413 
At November 3rd / 2020 Membership Meeting, Please Read Post and Official Posting.

To: The Membership at Local Lodge 2413                         

Subject:  NOTICE – Elections Of Local Lodge Executives

Elections for Local Lodge 2413 Executive Board Members

Official Elections Posting                  Absentee Ballot Request 2020 

Nomination Form


Local Lodge 2413 will conduct nominations for the positions of Local Lodge Executive Board Members on Tuesday November 3/2020, at our monthly Local Lodge Membership Meeting.

An Election for these positions will be held on Tuesday December 1 /2020 if Required.

Members can vote in person on Tuesday December 1/2020 at the Local Lodge Offices
between the hours of 09:00 –  18:00 (9am-6pm) or can vote by mail/absentee ballot if any of the following conditions exist:


1) If you reside more than 25 miles (40 Kilometres) away from the polling station, or
2) Are off on verified sick leave or on leave qualifying under Canadian family leave laws, or
    (including concerns about voting in person due to Covid-19)
3) Are unable to attend due to vacation commitments, (active employees only), or
4) Are unable to attend due to official IAM Union Business, or
5) Are on an out-base work assignment / are at work during the voting times, or
6) Are on military leave.


I strongly urge any and all members who qualify to vote by mail/absentee ballot!
If you wish to vote by mail/absentee ballot, you must forward an “absentee ballot
request form to the Local Lodge 2413 office, either in person or by official government mail, as soon as possible and no later then Monday November 2nd/2020 to arrange for an
absentee ballot.
This deadline date of November 2/2020 is as per IAM Constitution and allows for adequate time for mailing purposes.
Ballots will then be mailed out to your residence and must be mailed back to the union office no later then Tuesday December 1st / 2020. (day of election)
“Absentee ballot request forms” can be obtained on the Local Lodge 2413 website, or can be arranged by contacting the Local Lodge Office.   1 (800) 430-5403 / (905) 671 9119
or by email request to

(If the monthly membership meeting in November is canceled due to Covid-19 restrictions, we will also be accepting in person nominations  the day of  Tuesday November 3/2020 in person
between the hours of 08:00 –  17:00 (8am-5pm), or at the close of the monthly membership meeting that day at the offices of Local Lodge 2413. Nominations will also be accepted via Fax and by Mail via Canada Post).


“Members who are delinquent in dues payments starting on April 1/2020 and extending through September 30/2020 as a result of lay-off, please be advised that in consideration of the Coronavirus pandemic, your membership and voting rights have been extended through November 2020, and not only for two month as set out in  Article I, Section 14 of the IAM Constitution” (Membership Cancelled).


                                       NOTICE – Elections of Local Lodge Executives
                                                  LOCAL LODGE 2413 BYLAWS

                                        ARTICLE III – OFFICERS AND THEIR DUTIES

Section 1. The officers of this Lodge, their selection, duties, qualifications and responsibilities shall be in accordance with applicable provisions of the IAM Constitution.

Section 2. The term of office for all officers shall be three (3) years.

Section 3. Nominations of officers will be held at the regular meeting in November every third year. The Recording Secretary shall prepare a suitable ballot and shall have same ready for use at the regular meeting in December following nominations. Polls for Executive Officers, General Chairman, Business Representatives and other extraordinary elections shall be kept open from 7:00 am to 21:00 pm on voting day, at a location convenient to the Toronto International Airport, to allow all members of the Lodge an equal opportunity to cast their ballot.

Section 4. Not later than sixty (60) days prior to the elections, the Recording Secretary shall notify all members by regularly used means of notification, of the time, place and date of the election.

Section 5. No member shall be nominated for any office/position if not present at time of nomination, unless he has signified in writing his willingness to accept the office/position, if nominated.

Section 6. A member of the Local Lodge, who holds a supervisory position with the company, or temporary supervisory position, shall not be eligible for any Executive or Committee office within the Local Lodge. 3

Section 7. No member shall hold more than one (1) office mentioned in Section 1 of this Article, except Financial Secretary and Treasurer which shall be combined into the single office of Secretary-Treasurer or Conductor and Sentinel, which shall be combined into the single office of Conductor-Sentinel.

Section 8. No member shall be eligible for nominations for Executive Office unless they are an active IAM Representative or have held an elected or appointed position with a Canadian IAM Local, District or Grand Lodge and in addition has attended at least 50% of the regular meetings in the 12 month period ending the date of close of nominations and be a member in good standing for 2 consecutive years. Proof of attendance shall consist of signing a register by each member attending regular Local Lodge meetings, which register shall be in the custody of the Sentinel. No excuse for non-attendance shall be accepted unless on legitimate Union business, approved by the Local Lodge, or illness, or regularly scheduled shift, of which satisfactory proof must be furnished to the effect that the member was incapacitated on the day of the meeting, or meetings, to which it pertains, and subject to the approval of the Local Lodge for its acceptance.

Section 9. Installation of Officers shall take place at the regular Local Lodge meeting in January following election.

Section 10. All Officers, employees or other individuals in this Local Lodge who are responsible for, or handle funds of or for the Local Lodge, shall be bonded in accordance with the IAM Constitution and the IAM Policy relating thereto.


In solidarity,

Herb Reiner

Herb Reiner

Recording Secretary L.L. 2413




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