The Membership at Menzies Aviation YYZ / Arbitration

Dear Brothers and Sisters:
The parties have agreed to William Kaplan to determine the remaining outstanding issues at the bargaining table.

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 Wages
 40 hr workweek
 OT rules and entitlements including OT bank
 Paid personal days or sick days
 Classifications
 Boot allowance, uniforms & lockers
 Union representation
 Certain benefit coverage
 Covered tractors
 The right to strike
An initial date of April 4th was proposed but we are trying to get an earlier date on an evening session or weekend session.
This should be an interesting arbitration as Kaplan also presided over the WestJet pilots round of bargaining.
I should know the exact date of the arbitration very shortly.
This Company better come to arbitration with some WestJet funding and I anticipate that they will, now that the Union won $15 and Fairness at YOW.
In solidarity,

Michael Corrado
General Chairperson

Updated: 8 March, 2019 — 10:31
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