Members at Toronto Ground Airport Service / TGAS

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Your Union came aware about the Company’s shift bid in this critical time of contract flip and the hiring process by the new Company. Your Union wants to assure you that we will do everything in our power for smooth transition of our members.

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We held an emergency meeting with the TGAS management and we forced the Company to delay the bid process until the first week of April. Your Union also told the Company that members will not bid electronically and put 109 or more options on on-line bid, rather they would come in person to select their line.
Your Union understands that the GTAA blatant and reckless disregard for workers well being and their families. All in the name of greed. Your Union will keep on fighting against the contract flip and will make sure all your rights are protected under the law.

In solidarity,

Talwinder Rayat                                 Sam Jabbar
General Chairperson                         Organizer
Central Region                                   Central Region
Cell: 416-827-8140                            Cell: 416-875-8140

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