IAM Members Working at Menzies YYZ – PAY INCREASE !

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
As many of you are aware, the IAM has been in discussions with Menzies Aviation in an effort to significantly increase the rates of pay and working conditions for all bargaining unit members.

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The IAM has been and will continue to be a devoted supporter of the Fight for $15 & Fairness campaign, along with being a strong advocate for the Changing Workplaces Review (Bill 148) that is being debated and ultimately voted upon by our Members of Provincial Parliament over the next month or more. Bill 148 contains provisions that would raise the minimum wage in Ontario to $14/hr as of January 1, 2018 and to $15/hr as of January 1, 2019.
It is extremely important that this law passes! I urge each and every IAM Member to speak to their Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) and tell them to vote in favour of Bill 148.

The IAM had been warning Menzies to increase the employee’s wages or risk losing the business and thus their contract with WestJet. The IAM pointed to significant savings in training costs, escorting costs, improved safety, improved worker knowledge and competency, reduced AVOP and RAIC violations, etc., etc.
I am pleased to announce that retroactive to September 18, 2017, the entry level rates of pay for IAM Members at Menzies YYZ are as follows:

Ramp & Bag room: $14.50 (was $12.50). This is an immediate 16% pay increase!
Lav Agents: $15.75 (was $13.75). This is an immediate 14.6% pay increase!
Leads & Tow Agents: $18.00 (was $15.82). This is an immediate 13.8% pay increase!
Members will see this retroactive increase on their October 6, 2017 paycheques.
Please also keep in mind that the IAM will be in a position to begin full blown contract negotiations in late June of 2018 (8 months from now) and will be in a position to improve wages and working conditions even further!

I would like to thank Menzies for listening and cooperating with the Union. I would also like to thank your Chief Steward, along with many of the Stewards that voiced their opinions and concerns at various Labour Relations meetings
Get Unionized! Stay Unionized!

In solidarity,
Michael Corrado
General Chairperson
Central Region DL 140

Updated: 4 October, 2017 — 16:17
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