Category: Political Action

IAMAW’s Response to Mandatory Vaccinations

Over the last few days, a debate over mandatory vaccinations erupted following the federalgovernment’s announcement regarding mandatory vaccinations. The government’s lack ofdirection and clarity has caused uncertainty and confusion, particularly, when it comes toworkplace implications. This is shameful, and the IAMAW sharply condemns the politicizationof this issue. IAM Canada response to mandatory vaccinations – IAMAW […]

CETA: The Erosion of Workers’ Rights

  By Aurélie Sarrabezolles IAM Research Director for Canada IntroductionFree trade agreements are supposed to stimulate the economy promoting jobs and allowing the different sectors of the economy to flourish. The Canada and European Union (EU) Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA)[i] is described by Global Affairs as “a high quality agreement that reinforces Canada’s […]

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